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normal Frage HA35-22 alternative Firmware verwenden

14 Feb 2021 03:59 #79535 von phrs
thanks, jo93. I tried that but the problem is, the device immediately after the A1 hybrid modem, a Netgear R7000 router which acts as DHCP server for my home network, is set as VPN router to protect all connected devices downstream. The VPN firmware flashed on my router gives two options for the uplink to the modem: DHCP (which you say is no longer provided by the A1 modem in SU mode) and PPPoE. I select PPPoE, enter the Benutzername/Kennwort of my A1 subscription. The VPN router then receives a public IP address. It seems to work! The LED light on the A1 Huawei box confirming the internet connection is still off, but that is OK I guess. Many thanks anyways.
By the way, how could I log on to the A1 box now? it obviously does not respond anymore to the pre-set address
14 Feb 2021 10:38 - 14 Feb 2021 11:50 #79536 von rwhome

your netgear router is connect via pppoe to the internet (point to point) using the a1 modem as bridge
the a1 modem himself has no internet connection
there is no connection from your router to the network 

you have to define a second connection on the wan interface for this network
on some routers this is possible 
on some routers you can select a special pppoe variant (dual/russian) for example
it allows you to enter the second network parameters

on many routers this is not possible
then you have to connect manually to this network
via lan physically or via w-lan (has to be activated on a1 router)
there is no dhcp
so you have to give the computer yourself a ip address like
only then you have access to the webinterface of the a1 router

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01 Mär 2021 16:22 #79567 von phrs
So, I flashed alternative firmware on the A1 HA35-22 hybrid modem, and I took a few measures of download speeds at different configuration settings that I share in case others face the same issue. As a start,let me say that I am paying for the Festnetzt Internet "L" package which advertises up to 150Mbps download speed; I am using the A1 Huawei HA35-22 hybrid modem, I have about 30 devices connected to my home network, and I am doing this fine-tuning of my internet connection mostly to be able to enjoy IP TV without buffering.The various measures below were taken immediately one after the other, so the load factor of A1 network does not affect the results from one to the next.

1. With alternative firmware,MU profile, VDSL-LTE bonding: 87.2 Mbps

2. Alternative firmware, SU profile, PPPoE link from my own Netgear router immediately downstream, no bonding possible: 38.0 Mbps

3. Alternative firmware, SU profile, my Netgear router set as VPN router: 33.0 Mbps.

It shows that (i) switching from MU to SU profile cut the download speed by more than 50%--this is consistent with A1's assessment that their fixed line network is overloaded in the part of the city I live in, and the LTE connection makes significant difference; (ii) SU+VPN is not much slower than SU without VPN.

The fourth option: MU (including DSL-LTE bonding) + VPN is the one I was using before flashing the alternative firmware and switching to the SU profile--I gave me download speeds of about 40 Mbps but it was not suitable to watch IP TV.

For the time being I will stick to Option 3 "SU+VPN" as it seems so far to perform best with IP TV, and I will see over time whether it is stable enough.

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